Starfield’s Xbox Series X Console Wrap is pretty stellar

Xbox Series X Console Wrap Starfield

I have a confession: I do not like Starfield.

The new sci-fi RPG from legendary developer Todd Howard and his Bethesda Game Studios team just didn't do much for me. I found the gated-off, loading screen-heavy exploration frustrating, the procedurally generated planets largely barren, the main storyline and characters listless and the core shooting combat perfunctory. Some of the sidequests and towns are interesting, but that wasn't enough to keep me invested, so after nearly 20 hours, I dropped the game and moved on to the infinitely more enjoyable Baldur's Gate 3.

On the flip side, I do quite like the new Starfield-themed Xbox Series X Console Wrap.

Starfield Series X console with purple Space Jam controller I don't have the Starfield Xbox controller, so I figured Space Jam was the next closest thing.

As someone who regularly jumps back and forth between PS5 and Series X, I've always lamented the lack of aesthetic options with the latter console. While admittedly pricey, the PS5's face plates -- especially the wickedly cool Marvel's Spider-Man 2 variant -- are some of my favourite accessories Sony has put out. Therefore, I was beyond excited to see Xbox finally getting into the console customization game with its 'Console Wraps.'

As the name suggests, these add-ons slip around your console and lock in via velcro, a simpler solution than the PS5's detachable plates (I'm a bit of a clutz and I've always felt like I'm going to break the plates trying to get them on and off). They also come in a soft fabric that feels delightfully smooth, especially compared to the hard material of the PS5 covers.

Xbox Series X Starfield wrap off consoleIt's worth noting that Microsoft is introducing Series X Console Wraps with three options: the Starfield edition and 'Arctic' (white and grey) and 'Mineral' (blue, purple and grey) camo versions. All three wraps also have matching Xbox controllers. Since Xbox sent me the Starfield wrap, I'll talk a bit more about that one.

Now, I should mention that I don't generally like white consoles, but the Starfield wrap is an exception because it feels meaningfully white from both a thematic and design perspective. Besides matching the colour pattern from the game's marketing, Xbox has added all kinds of neat little details that complement the white to make it feel appropriately sci-fi.

Xbox Series X Starfield wrap sideIn particular, there are all these little lines, shapes and arrows that allow it to resemble a module you'd have on your actual in-game ship. These include little arrows warning you to keep the vent clear, markings for where the heatsink, system on chip and fan are located and holes for the power button, disc drive and front USB port.

As a nice touch, there's even a little blue, yellow, orange and red pattern around the power button as a nod to Constellation, the organization in Starfield dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the galaxy. A gold Constellation logo can also be found right above one of the velcro flaps alongside the words "For All, Into The Starfield."c

Xbox Series X Starfield wrap logoOverall, it's a neat accessory, especially if you're really into Starfield. Even as someone who isn't, I can still appreciate the look of the wrap, and it's one I'd happily keep on my entertainment stand. Hopefully, Xbox continues to make more of these -- including versions for the smaller Series S -- to give console owners even more choices.

The Starfield Series X Console Wrap launches on October 18th for $64.99. The Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo variants drop on November 10th for $59.99. Pre-order options for all three wraps are available on Microsoft's official website.

Starfield, meanwhile, is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC plus Game Pass.


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