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iPhone maker tried to legally kill mobile browser, gaming probe by CMA The UK Court of Appeal has upheld the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA's) decision to launch a probe into mobile … more
BOARDMAN, Ohio – From gadgets that close and lock the door behind you to radios that connect the vision impaired with local news, advancements in technology have made lives easier, especially for … more
The Twitch competitor has doled out generous deals to content creators. It has also faced criticism for its lax moderation and embrace of online gambling. more
Although since it's the height of ridiculousness why not just Will Farrell? Although Musk: The Movie remains on the drawing board, we were delighted by the reader response to our question of who … more
Whether you're new to NameDrop or concerned about its safety, here's everything you need to know about Apple's contact-sharing feature. more
Uncomfortable with Apple's latest contact sharing feature? Here's how to disable it. more
A reality show and a live experience are two ways of keeping the dystopian series in the public eye. Is the original’s bleak message being diluted? more
Macworld If you know someone who can spend hours scrolling through Netflix looking for something new to watch, here’s a gift idea that can help them get all those hours back. But just so … more
Lewis Gordon / The Verge: How Saudi Arabia's investments in gaming is remaking the industry, as it aims for social transformation by being a hub of game development and esports  —  With … more
Ben Cohen / Wall Street Journal: Algorithmic trading firm XTX Markets announces the $10M AI-MO Prize for a public AI model than can win a gold medal in the International Mathematical … more
Mayumi Hirosawa / Nikkei Asia: The G7 agrees on comprehensive international guidelines for generative AI, covering both developers and users, expected to be approved as soon as this month  … more
Sean Hollister / The Verge: The judge overseeing Epic v. Google vows to investigate Google for systemically suppressing evidence by deleting internal chats, including those by Pichai  —  … more
Reuters: Sources: EU lawmakers can't agree on how to regulate systems like ChatGPT, with foundation models becoming the main hurdle in talks over the proposed AI Act  —  EU lawmakers … more
Anthony Capaccio / Bloomberg: The US, UK, and Australia plan to test a new way to track Chinese submarines using AI to rapidly process sonar data, as part of the AUKUS security alliance  … more
Mia Sato / The Verge: Meta says it is updating child safety features after a series of WSJ reports, including expanding its list of terms, phrases, and emojis related to child safety  —  … more
Law enforcement for profit is an ugly proposition. Most of us immediately think of civil asset forfeiture, which is generally just cops going shopping for stuff they want or cash to buy the stuff … more
A local privacy group accused Kaiser Permanente of violating state law with its license plate readers. more
Emily Baker-White / Forbes: An interview with Guillaume Verdon, founder of stealth AI startup Extropic who is behind the @BasedBeffJezos persona at the center of effective accelerationism  … more
The Mac Studio boasts Apple's cutting-edge M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips, but breakneck speeds don't need to break the bank. more
Platformer: Internal documents: Amazon's AI chatbot Q, out in preview, experiences “severe hallucinations” and leaks “confidential data” like AWS data center locations  —  Some … more
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